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The abundant and renewable solar energy is not only the way to get rid of power-cut but also a green and eco-supportive approach to mankind. In addition, Solar Systems come with a sustainable devices and variety of Range to comfort your pocket. Number of solar panels installed on the top of buildings also called as the photovoltaic cells generate electricity by knocking loose electrons from their atoms as sunlight hits the cells. Turn your home into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy. You will also become part of the solution to the global warming and gain independence from riing energy crisis and costs.

Pure Touch International aims to help you sort out all your questions reqarding Home Solar with our highly dynamic team and as per your need installs a system that perfectly fits your home, business or industrial lifestyle.

Why should you go solar?

Solar Energy benefits you, it benefits the environment and it builds a sustainable future for the mankind. Renewable energy is in the spotlight. Global warming, rising energy crisis and energy independence are the major problems that are smashed out by solar energy. More & more people want to be the part of the solution and avoid pollution. The needs would be best highlighted as:

How long will it last?

Solar System(Panels or PV Modules) last for more than 20 years(warranty peroid). Other equipments like bulbs, controller, batteries, etc. are comparatively cheaper and last for some years. Pure Touch International guaranties the best performance during the warranty period.

How does Solar work?

  1. Solar panels on your roof collect sun's energy that convert it into electricity.
  2. A state of the art technology cabinet manages the electricity flow from the solar panels into your home, storing excess energy in the integrated Lithium-ion battery for later use.
  3. The cabinet connects directly to your home wiring; helping to provide energy day and night. Vector monitors your installation and energy production in 24/7.

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What regular maintenance do I need to do?

Well, with Pure Touch, very little. PV systems are inherently need very low maintenance, requiring the system owner only to clean the solar modules down with water when they get dirty so light can get through, and our special mounting hardware greatly reduces the need for periodic bolt-tightening. But here again, our system are self-lubricating so the service intervals are longer than with our competitors.

Advantages of Solar PhotoVoltaic Cells

The SPV system are extremely simple to operate and maintain. They have a long operating lifee with the backing of highly reliable power and trouble free performance. These systems are completely noiseless and unlikely to proudce any Environment Effect or Eccological Imbalance.These energy sources are modular in nature and can be upgraded as and when required. All these advantages make Solar PV highly suitable for various applications for developing country like Nepal.

In remote locations, where grid electricity is not available and it is much economical and unreliable to think about the other centrally generated electricity, the alternative could be the Solar Energy. It turns to be ideal for all. This is due to the fact that, the sunlight is available at all places of use.

Does it suit my pocket?

Yes, of course. Solar comes in all range from couple of watts to kilo and Mega watts range. You can suitably set your need and select the best that fits you and your budget.

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